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Fire Safety

State of the art fire protection products and systems that are installed and maintained by industry leaders.

Fire Safety – what we do

From small conventional through to multi panel networked addressable systems, our team are capable and experienced in the Design, Installation and Commissioning of a wide range of fire solutions. With our knowledge, expertise and the assurance of us working to the latest British standards, we are capable of ensuring people and places are protected whilst exceeding any expectation placed upon us.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems are essential in providing protection to not only your building, but most importantly its occupants. Our BAFE designed, installed and maintained systems will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your assets and personnel are kept safe.
Our experienced engineers are capable of installing and maintaining any fire system on the market today. Their wealth of knowledge has been gained through time spent within the industry and ongoing training from manufacturers and courses through the FIA of which Select Systems are members.

Fire Suppression

We can provide the latest in Fire Suppression technology to ensure that high risk areas are fully protected. Our team are fully qualified to undertake room design, room integrity, room sealing and installation of a specially tailored system to meet your needs.

Evacuation Alert Systems

Our engineers and staff have been fully trained to meet the current BS8629 Evacuation Alert System recommendations. We are fully qualified and armed with the latest knowledge to design, install and maintain your system.

Fire risk assessments

Assessing the risk of fire is paramount to the design of a system to fully understand the requirements. We can provide you with a professional assessor so as you can be certain that all the needs are met.

Disabled refuge

Ensuring that all occupants of a building are retrieved in the event of an emergency is essential. Our Disabled Refuge systems are in place across multiple sites and offer peace of mind knowing that even the most vulnerable of people are kept safe.

Aspirating System

Aspirating systems are capable of not only being used within an industrial setting, but also within a domestic premises. Offering very early warning to the presence of smoke, residential users find the discrete nature of the sample holes preferable to the sometimes bulky design of standard smoke detectors. We are able to offer both fixed point or fully addressable systems capable of pinpointing the location of a suspected fire.